Graphic & Web Design
The way Graphic & Web designing is done has completely changed over the years. Today there is no way one can ignore latest and emerging web designing technologies as keeping up with competitors demands a strong web presence.

User Interface plays a major role now because of an increasing dependency on mobile gadgets like smartphones and tablets. We at Web Traverse have a robust team of designers and developers who are capable of creating world class web sites and other designs using some of the latest technologies listed below:

HTML5 enables us to create simple, clean and attractive designing that works equally well on smartphones, tablets and desktop computers. HTML 5 is light weight that results in faster loading of your web pages.

We use CSS 3 extensively to ensure greater and better user interface in web applications. CSS 3 is used in building websites and applications that not only look great but feel great as well. We can create feature rich and compelling web applications by using CSS 3 in combination with HTML 5.

Responsive Web Design
Responsive Web Design is a new concept that ensures that a website looks great in all screen sizes. People used to develop separate applications for desktops, tablets and mobile devices due to their varying screen sizes. Using the concept of Responsive Web Designing, we can now create a single application that looks and works well in almost all web enabled devices.

Flash Designing
Flash can provide a powerful medium for expressing your more complex ideas in the most digestible fashion: process illustrations, flowcharts, product demonstrations and case studies are only a few of the examples.
One of the main benefits of Flash technology is that the product can be presented on the Web, or on a PC as a windows application (in an executable file format .EXE). This makes it highly portable, and avoids requiring the user to use software applications, such as Microsoft PowerPoint to view the presentation.
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